Terms and Conditions

1. Phone repair and quotation


a.Please be honest and clearly state all faults/issues with the device that require repair.

Please also advise if this device has been previously repaired by another service provider, other than BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY.


b.Quotes are quoted upfront. However, BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY reserves the right to amend or change the

quote during the repair process. BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY repairs phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY reserves the right to refuse a request for Services or a Customer.


c.Turnaround time provided is an estimate only. BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY will not be liable for any loss,

damage or delays within the turnaround time, that has been provided. Any changes to the

turnaround time will be relayed to the Customer. The turnaround time may be longer than

expected depending on various factors, including but not exclusive to the complexity of

the fault, availability of parts, or damage during the repair process. Turnaround time for

any rework or warranty claims may take longer than a standard repair. Should your device

require special parts, or if the repair is more complex, then it may take up to 10 working

days for this repair to be completed.


d.Parts may be faulty, incorrect or out of stock. In the event that BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY needs to order new

parts for the Customer’s repair, BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY will advise the Customer and provide the Customer

with a new turnaround time for the completion of the repair. The Customer is not entitled

to a discount when this occurs.


e.In the event that BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY, the manufacturer, its authorised representative, or an appointed

repair centre by BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY, in their sole discretion finds that BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY is responsible for damage, or

further damage to the Customer’s device which causes the device to have other issues or

become irreparable, then BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY will either repair the damage, issue the Customer a

replacement device, or pay an amount equivalent to the market value of the device when

it was initially presented for repair.


f.The Customer agrees that we shall not be liable for any damage suffered as a result

with the subject of these Terms. In no event shall we be liable for any indirect, punitive,

special, incidental or consequential damage (including loss or interruption of business,

revenue, profits, use, privacy, data, goodwill or other economic advantage) however it

arises, whether for breach of contract or in tort, even if the Customer has been previously

advised of the possibility of such damage.


g.The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Customer’s device may have other

additional faults than those first diagnosed. We are not responsible for a device which,

upon examination has further faults and/or damage which results in the device

subsequently not operating at all or not operating in the manner in which it did prior to



2. 6 month warranty covers and Lifetime warranty covers


LIFETIME WARRANTY only applied to all Apple iPhone repairs excluding battery. For all

other models such as Apple iPad, Samsung , HTC, Sony, LG, Oppo and Huawei these

devices come with standard 6 month warranty.


Warranty only applies to the parts and/or services that were paid for and serviced by BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY

phone repair.


Screen/LCD repaired or replaced by our technician that does not work intended or



All warranty claims are subject to approval by our customer service team. We have up to

14 days to take action on a warranty request.


3. Warranty does not cover the following:


a.Please check your mobile phone thoroughly before leaving the counter, any physical

damages will not be accepted as warranty, and the warranty will only cover the parts BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY

have repaired. Bent, twisted or cracked frames as a result of mishandling, is not covered.


b.The Customer acknowledges and agrees that a repair by BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY (a third party repairer, i.e.

not accredited by the Customer’s device’s manufacturer): may void the Customer’s

device’s manufacturer’s warranty; out of warranty service or support by the Customer’s

device’s manufacturer: It may also void waterproof, shock proof, dust proof warranties

provided by the manufacturer.


c.BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY can only provide warranties for the services it has provided to the Customer. There

may be other issues that contribute to the functioning of the Customer’s device, including

but not exclusive to fair wear and tear, age, and environmental factors.


d.BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY will not be responsible for the loss or damage to any phone that has not been

collected within 3 months of completion date.


e.Unlock with us, please do not upgrade your software when the mobile phone is

connected to your computer; the unlock fee will be charged again if your phone has been

locked because of the software upgrading;


f.If there is existing damage to the frame of the device


g.If there is water damage before or after repair, or if the phone has been opened by the

customer or any other service provider, after BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY has completed their repairs.


h.Screen protectors are not covered, as they are considered a consumable item.


i.Any loss of data occurring as a result of the repair. Customers are advised to back up all

data prior to repair.


j. Repairs that have been conducted on the motherboard of a device, including water

damage repairs.


k. Repairs that have been conducted with BYO parts (customers parts purchased from a

source other than BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY Phone Accessories & Repairs) Labour fees will always be charged

in all outcomes.


l. An Apple battery replacement may affect the Battery Health App embedded on the

iPhone settings.


4. Privacy policy


a.During the repair process BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY may require access to the Customer’s personal

information/ application to complete the repair. BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY may divulge the Customer’s

personal information if required by authority e.g. Law enforcement.


-All right reserved by BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY Repair team.


In addition to the rights and remedies that you have under the Australian Consumer Law or any other applicable law, LEEUINNOVATION PTY LTD ACN 643 086 711 trading as BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY (BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY) provides the following warranty against defects (Warranty):



1.1 Subject to clause 1.2 and clause 1.3 the warranty period, where BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY will repair or replace the Goods without charge, for Goods purchased by you from BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY (Goods) that prove defective by reason of improper workmanship or material components (and none of your statutory rights or remedies apply) is as follows:


(a) For OEM screens (Apple) – six (6) months from the date of purchase of the Goods from BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY or completion of the Services by BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY;

(b) For after-market screens for Apple devices – one (1) month from the date of purchase of the Goods from BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY or completion of the Services by BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY; and

(c) All other Goods – thirty (30) days from the date of purchase of the Goods from BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY or completion of the Services by BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY.

(Warranty Period)


1.2 This warranty does not cover:


(a) normal fair wear and tear;

(b) defects, loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by or as a result of:


(i) any weakening or collapse of the device or structure to which the Goods are affixed occurring any time after installation;

(ii) any damage to or deterioration in the condition of the Goods occurring in transit by your nominated or appointed carrier or occurring after delivery;

(iii) any malfunction or fault of any device in which the Goods have been installed;

(iv) any defect (including defects in component parts or accessories) rising from or attributable to the failure to carry out normal preventive maintenance;

(v) any additional defect, damage or deterioration arising from or attributable to the operation of the Goods or device in which the Goods are installed after it is known to be defective;

(vi) any fault or surge in the customer’s electricity supply;

(vii) the Goods or device in which the Goods are installed striking an immovable object during travel or use;

(viii) any repairs to a device associated with software problems, motherboard issues or damage from liquid;

(ix) the servicing of the Goods by a third party not associated with BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY.


(c) water damage of any kind whatsoever;

(d) the Goods where the defect, loss or damage is caused directly or indirectly by or as a result of the fitting or installation of the Goods by a third party (accredited or not) not associated with BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY; and

(e) inherent defects in material used in the manufacture of the Goods. BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY will use best endeavours to procure and assign to the Customer the benefit of the warranty of the manufacturer of the material.


1.3 Notwithstanding clause 1.1, particular Goods sold by BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY may have a Warranty Period which differs from that set out in clause 1.1. If you purchase a Goods listed in any Appendix, that Goods will have a Warranty Period as stated for that Goods in the Appendix.



2.1 In order to claim under this Warranty you must:


(a) Contact BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY within the Warranty Period on the Contact Information provided below; and



(i) details of the Goods;

(ii) a detailed description of the defect;

(iii) your personal details;

(iv) proof of purchase of the Goods (including supplier, date and place of purchase and identity of Goods).


2.2 Any Goods the subject of a warranty claim may only be returned to BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY by prior arrangement with BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY.

2.3 You must bear the expense for the return of the Goods and such other expenses incurred by you and associated with a warranty claim.



Contact: Warranty officer

Return Address: K6 1909 Creek Road Cannon Hill Kmart Plaza Cannon Hill QLD 4170

Contact Number: 0451 811 096




4.1 Warranty claims will be processed by BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY in a timely manner and reports made available to you providing information pertaining to your warranty claim.

4.2 BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY is not obliged to rectify any warranty claim outside normal business hours.

4.3 BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY may at its discretion elect to repair or replace the Goods. BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY may also at its discretion elect to substitute the Goods with a similar alternative Goods of BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY’s choosing.

4.4 BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY does not have to repair or replace the Goods under this Warranty if this Warranty does not apply, this Warranty is voided, the Goods have been modified, disassembled, misused, improperly or inappropriately installed, operated or repaired, abused, damaged or not maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s or BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY’s instructions.

4.5 This Warranty is limited to repair, replacement or substitution of Goods only. To the extent permitted by the law, BLUEFONE PHONE REPAIR AND ACCESSORY will not be liable for any loss or damage caused to property or persons arising from any cause whatsoever.

4.6 This warranty is only valid and enforceable in Australia.

4.7 Our Goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the Goods repaired or replaced if the Goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

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